Welcome to the place where entrepreneurs showcase their goods, crafts, and services. The Arc Tennessee encourages everyone to support individuals who want to work and earn money. We also advertise used equipment, supplies, etc.

Joey birdhouses

Birdhouses and Feeders, Aluminum Can Recycling

Joey Williams is supported through a MicroBoard. He lives in the Nashville area and enjoys making and selling birdhouses and feeders. Prices start around $20 but are negotiable. Joey also picks up and recycles aluminum cans. If you would like to make a purchase or donate your aluminum cans to Joey, call him at 615-342-9589.


Paintings, T-shirts, Bookmarks, Mouse Pads, Tote Bags and More

Bernadette Resha is a very well-known artist. She paints beautiful pictures and has them put onto all kinds of gifts and products such as cards, posters, etc. She sells original stretched vanvas paintings also. Visit her website, call 615-665-1936 or E-mail to place an order.



Making potholders is something that Downey Gordon loves to do. He loves to sort the colors and make the decision about what combination of loops will work for each potholder. He likes making money for his craft. Prices are negotiable. Call Oneida Russell at 615-888-2423 or 615-268-6448 to place an order.

Joshua Pet Treats

Pet Treats

Joshua Slayton and his family started Joshua's Pet Treat Bakery so that he would have employment when he graduated from high school. After the first year, it grew into a place where self-advocates come and learn job skills. Their pet treats are delicious and come in many varieties. Visit Joshua's Pet Treat Bakery Store to order online.


Photographs of Flowers

Luke Randall enjoys taking close ups of beautiful flowers. Prices are negotiable for his colorful, framed work. To order contact Luke at 615-713-0587 or E-mail. To watch a video about Luke click HERE.


Flower Pens

Lyndsey's Flower Pens are a great way to brighten a room, a desk, an office, a waiting room, a hospital room, etc. Plus, visitors will be less likely to accidentally take your pen if it has a big flower attached to it! They make great gifts for Secretaries Day, teachers, or anyone who uses a pen! Flower Pens are also great as party favors or giveaways. The price is $15.00 for a vase with 6 flower pens, or you can buy the pens individually for $2.00 each.You can order by calling Lyndsey’s mom, Sharon, at 901-481-0896.