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The Arc Tennessee is a direct provider of the ECF CHOICES waiver services listed below. Individuals approved for these services will be referred to The Arc TN by their MCO (Managed Care Organization).

Peer–to-Peer Support and Navigation for Person-Centered Planning, Self-Direction,
Integrated Employment, Self-Employment, and
Independent Community Living

These services assist an individual and his/her family member(s) or conservator in one or more of the following areas:

  • Directing the person-centered planning process;
  • Understanding and considering self-direction;
  • Understanding and considering individualized integrated employment/self-employment; and
  • Understanding and considering independent community living options

Conservatorship and Alternatives to Conservatorship Counseling and Assistance
This service offers one-time consultation, education and assistance to family caregivers in:

  • understanding conservatorship and alternatives to conservatorship.
  • These services shall be provided in a manner that seeks to preserve the rights and freedoms of the individual to the maximum extent possible and appropriate.
  • This service may include assistance with completing necessary paperwork and processes to establish an alternative to conservatorship or conservatorship, if appropriate.

Health Insurance Counseling/Forms Assistance
This service offers training and assistance to individuals enrolled in ECF CHOICES and/or their family caregiver and policy holder in:

  • Understanding the benefits offered through their private or public insurance program
  • Completing necessary forms, accessing covered benefits, and navigating member appeal processes regarding covered benefits

For questions on any of the above contact:

The Arc TN direct email for ECF CHOICES services:

The Arc TN direct phone number to leave a message for ECF CHOICES services: 615-767-5044